About us

Welcome to Dolly Lou Fabrics. We are so excited you have found your way to our site! 
My name is Shannon, part owner of this wonderful little shop. My sewing journey started like many girls - in Home Economics class while in junior high (iykyk) but my trek into the world of quilting didn't start until I was on maternity leave with my daughter. I started quilting baby blankets to sell on Facebook & Instagram and fell down the rabbit hole of all the wonderful different fabrics available. Let me tell you, I wanted them allll, but found very little selection of the modern fabrics I was looking for in our local fabric shops. I happened to chat with my mother-in-law about this one day (as she is a fellow quilter) and thus the idea of Dolly Lou Fabrics was born!
I hope you are able to fill your obsession with fabric by what we have to offer on our site, and if not... well just keep coming back for more! ;) 
Hi, my name is Michelle. Together with my daughter-in-law Shannon, we couldn't be more thrilled that you are checking out our little shop!  My sewing journey started at a very young age - growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, my sisters and I learned to sew as young as 8 years old.  It started with Barbie clothes and progressed from there. We sewed a lot of our own clothes through our childhood years and beyond. Just as my mom taught me to sew, she also started me on my quilting and fabric obsession and together with her guidance, I completed my first quilt 25 years ago. 
I have a confession, my fabric stash will likely outlive me and be passed on to the next generation, as my mom's was passed down to me. 
Fabric is a passion of ours, and I know if you are visiting our shop, it is a passion of yours too!  We are proud to provide a wide selection of quality fabrics and thank you for your support